Need a gift for the avid reader on your list?

Check out these gift ideas, the complete package based on our favorite reviewed self-published workers, spanning a variety of genres. Whether a complete package tied up with ribbons, a quick stocking stuffer, or an Amazon e-gift, treat someone on your list to a self-published work this holiday season!

For the fantasy lover:

A Touch of Magic by Gregory Mahan

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 1.15.22 PM

This fantasy novel focuses on a young boy, gifted with the powers of magic in a land where sorcery is illegal and punishable. Bringing in a trio of bawdy companions on the run from the secret police, this is the perfectly paced dose of fantasy, applicable to teenagers and adults alike. It’s worth staying up past bedtime to follow Randall’s misadventures and mishaps.

Buy it at:

Pair it with: The rest of the Llandra Saga, available on Amazon.

Honey-matured mead, an archaic drink long looked upon fondly by Tolkien and the like.

Live Action Role Playing armor and weaponry. Spur imagination and creativity with this detailed set of protective shields, detailed swords and knives, and even historical replicas of the most distinctive armor. Our favorites are the gothic armor package and the Black Ice Light Armor Set! Check out:

A trip to Ashford Castle: This beautiful Irish castle offers the medieval getaway of a lifetime. Set on over three hundred acres near a fjord, with impeccably manicured lawns and an ancient castle with modern amenities, Ashford Castle is sure to delight any fantasy lover.

The Dwarf Weeping Larch Tree for the green thumb on your list. Started from seeds, this wily plant will grow into what can best be described as a fun-sized weeping willow, with seeds available to purchase from small business owners here:

Tolkien T-shirts, complete with everything from Smaug to Frodo’s toe hairs, the perfect rollable stocking stuffer! Get them at:

For the 20-something:

Three For Ship: A Swan Song to Dartmouth Beer Pong by Crispus Knight

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 11.23.54 AM

As inspiring as it is tragic, this tale of college days gone awry is filled with ironic humor, honest observations, and will have you hooked as it pulls away the curtain on alcoholism and fraternity life behind the brick walls of the Ivy League. Perfect for any recent graduate, this memoir reflects fondly, and with morality, on the end of the university era, and the struggles with the adjustment from the ivory tower of college, into the real world.

Buy it at:

Pair it with: A french press, the perfect accoutrement to any caffeine addict’s first kitchen:

Noise canceling headphones, a need for any gamer, computer programmer, music fanatic, or frequent flyer. For those moments you need some peace, whether reading, or navigating a flight across the country. The top-rated headphones from CNET are available here:

Notebooks. Moving on from the day’s of scribbling papers in the library at four AM, to faxing papers at the first desk job is a big switch. Bring back the university feeling with legendary Moleskine notebooks, perfect for everything from detailed sketches to late-night journaling. The extra large soft notebook has plenty of room for inspirations and aspirations:

An oversized poster featuring the entire text from a classic novel? Check. Poster books make it possible to have a full piece of literature hanging on the wall. Create a sophisticated conversation piece to cover bare walls. Magnifying glass not included.

For the action fiend:

The Full Contact Series by Daniel Kucan

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 10.58.47 AM

Full Contact is a whirlwind boxing adventure for the gritty realist. Trekking around the globe, but always in the ring, the series of ten short chapters offers love, heartbreak, intense, pounding action, commentary on the state of boxing, and of humanity, all with a suppressed humor that makes the brutality of the stories bearable.

Best place to buy it:

Pair it with: A bungee jumping or zipline adventure. The highest bungee jump in the United States, at 321 feet, is located at Royal Gorge Park in Colorado. The adventure begins the moment you jump:

Swiss Army Knife. The classic Hiker pocket knife is perfect for everyday use for the adventurer. With a variety of tools for everything from cutting cord to opening a bottle of wine, it’s a handy tool and the perfect stocking stuffer.

For men, skincare from Kiehl’s in the Energizing Kit, perfect for cleaning up even the dirtiest messes:,default,pd.html

Vibram Five Fingers for the long run, when you want the feel of the pavement under your feet, but protection from the elements as well.

Support self-published authors this holiday season, and make a present out of it, with these gift packages that are the perfect additions to any hard or E-copy!