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3024 AD Short Stories Series One is best described as a hybrid between a true collection of short stories , and a sci-fi book with different chapters. What seem in the beginning of the anthology to be secluded, isolated events with a variety of characters taking place throughout the universe one thousand years in the future, soon intertwine into a narrative with a developing plot line of international politics, puppet governments, pirates, and battles out into the deepest realms of space.

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While the main and most developed characters do offer intriguing journeys through a world in which Earth is merely a spot for embassies and colonization has seeped, with the help of Galspan, the “Galactic Spanning Corporation” into deep space, there are many characters who appear seemingly randomly in unconnected stories before disappearing, without backstory or the convincing dialogue that appears elsewhere in the collection.

One of the most important rules of sales is Bullet Theory. If you throw too many tidbits of information at a customer at once, they will ultimately miss several of them. An amended version applies here. Some of the most intriguing characters in this series come to life for a few vivid pages of epic battles and romps through Richard’s colorful sci-fi world ranging from New York City to Jupiter, only to fall off the edge of the galaxy, never to return. This creates a discontinuity in what should be a unified narrative web, instead turning the compilation into several stories that are interesting on their own- but which fail to add to the breadth and complexity of the main storyline itself.

The format of the anthology as a whole is interesting because there are segments, extracted from the “Encyclopedia Galactica, 3025 Edition” that go into an in-depth history between large and expansive of in-detail character depth. These informative sections are the collusive material that connects the sometimes scattered stories, providing a loose framework. Providing this general background, along with the backstory that is built throughout the story, adds to the credibility of the world as a whole, which masterfully blends politics, romance and intense action, along with technically advanced machinery and battleships that are powerfully detailed.

Ultimately, this is a work that improves in time, and with over one-hundred pages, there is more than enough time for the reader to witness plot development and improvements in the dialogue that shapes the world of the future, and, except for the loss of certain characters who seem to be key players in their respective stories, is exciting and worth a read for all fans of science fiction.


Number of Pages: 141

Recommended For: a summer read

Enjoy it With: electric blue Gatorade

For fans of: science fiction, video games, Star Wars

Best place to Buy it: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CH9F6JM